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Gerontius Helmawr

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Necromunda Governor; for the Fallen Knight World, see Gerontius (Fallen Knight World).
Lord Helmawr

Gerontius Helmawr is the Planetary Governor and hereditary ruler of the Hive World Necromunda as patriarch of House Helmawr. Lord Helmawr's ancestors are known to have ruled the planet for at least 7,000 years, although records of government prior to this have long since disappeared.[1]


Necromunda has a feudal heirarchy with Helmawr at the very top. The society Helmawr rules over is divided into multiple factions locked in an ever-changing web of compitition and co-operation with each other. Lord Helmawr himself is unconcerned with the activities of these lesser factions - he deals directly with the most powerful groups, offering them support in exchanges for their loyalty. If a major player in this power game proves to be weak or disloyal, it is a simple matter for Helmawr to withdraw his support, indead even the rumour that he may intend to do so is often enough to encourage feudal enemies to turn on each other.[1] He is known to have fathered a son with the mysterious Heleana Jerico .[2]


As with other Planetary Governors, the Adeptus Terra leaves Lord Helmawr to govern his domain as he pleases, as long as he fulfils his feudal responsibilities to the Imperium. His main responsibilities include[1]:

  • Providing a tithe of all the goods Necromunda produces.
  • Providing recruits for the Imperial Guard.
  • Successfully controlling the number of psykers on the planet.

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