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Gervhart was the High Marshal of the Black Templars Chapter, active around M37.[2][Note 1]

Gervhart was not only a fierce warrior but also a master tactician and student of history (second only to the Chapter's archivists in his knowledge and understanding of the ancient days of the Imperium).[Needs Citation] He had studied the ways of war of every Marshal since the time of Sigismund and was well versed in the most arcane weapons and wargear.[1]


While still a Marshal, Gervhart was the leader who initiated the Second Purging of Lastrati.[Needs Citation]

He was also responsible for conducting the Athelor Crusade. While prosecuting this crusade, he ordered the construction of Montgisard, a chapter keep located on the planet Stygia XII, which would serve the Chapter well for thousands of years before being abandoned.[2]


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