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Geryon Ordinatus

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The Geryon-Class Orbital Artillery Piece, otherwise known as the Geryon Ordinatus, is a model of ordinatus-level macro-artillery employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1a][1b]

The Geryon is an orbital platform that mounts a cannon capable of launching electromagnetic and magna-frag weaponry along with more conventional ordnance.[1a] The various types of shell fired by the cannon are designed to maintain control of the engagement zone in a void battle, disrupting enemy vessels with debris, chaff and electromagnetic interference.[1b]

At one time, the Geryon was employed by various Forge Worlds in the Halo Zone. However, use of this model declined as it started to be seen as overly specialized for conventional engagements.[1a]


  • It is not made clear in the source whether the Geryon is itself a true Ordinatus engine, or merely comparable to one due to its scale.