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Ghasubai is a White Scars Deathwatch Watch Captain, who is leading a Company of the order to attack a Xenos species during the Psychic Awakening.[1]

However, during the journey to their mission, the Space Wolf Tor Whitetail awoke from a prophetic dream, that led him to believe that his Chapter needed him. Whitetail then tried to convince his Deathwatch Sergeant Caddon to ask Ghasubai to go to the Space Wolves aid or at least allow him to return to his Chapter. Caddon dismissed Whitetail's concerns and told him to return to his room. When Whitetail pressed the point, Caddon despairingly told the Space Wolf that a dog should obey its master. This crude remake nearly led Whitetail to attack Caddon, but Ghasubai, who had been secretly observing their confrontation, spoke up and ended the confrontation. The Watch Captain said that fighting amongst themselves would only strengthen the enemies of the Imperium, but Whitetail insisted his dream was a call to aid. The Space Wolf insisted he be allowed to return to his Chapter and Ghasubai finally agreed, as it was obvious Whitetail's presence would continue to bring disruption to the Watch Captain's Company.[1]