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Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

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Ghazghkull since the Battle of Krongar during the Psychic Awakening[10]
Warboss Ghazghkull pre-Psychic Awakening

"Humies is all weak scum that deserve ta get stomped. 'Cept for One-Eye Yarrick. He knows how ter fight."[2]

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, the self-proclaimed Prophet of the Waaagh!, known in the Imperium as The Beast of Armageddon, is the Ork Warlord of Waaagh! Ghazghkull and currently the most notorious Warboss of the 41st Millennium. He is infamous for his actions during both the Second and Third[1] Armageddon Wars. Ghazghkull is a particularly megalomaniacal Ork, convinced he is blessed by the Ork gods Gork and Mork. He possesses a considerable measure of cunning, and in battle he tends to focus more on commanding his troops compared to other Warbosses, only engaging in combat himself at critical moments.[5]



In late M41, the Eldar of Ulthwé prevented a Waaagh! from endangering Craftworld Idharae. In the process, this act raised Ghazghkull Thraka to prominence.[4]

The earliest records of Ghazghkull since that time were recorded nine years before the Second War for Armageddon. At this time, Ghazghkull was a lowly Ork Boy in the armies on the planet of Urk (possibly where part of his name came from). A Space Marine force of an unknown chapter raided the planet in the hopes of disrupting the Ork forces building up there. During the battle, a bolter round tore into Ghazghkull's skull, destroying 30 percent of his skull and pulping a good portion of his brain. He was found by the notorious Painboy known as Mad Dok Grotsnik, who rebuilt his skull with adamantium. Somehow this enabled Ghazghkull's latent psychic powers, convincing Ghazghkull that he had been somehow blessed by the Ork Gods and from here on in he claimed to be in communication with Gork and Mork. Convinced he was marked for great things, within six years he had risen to the rank of Warboss of his tribe. A year later two events occurred, giving Ghazghkull the opportunity to further his dominance and begin a great Waaagh!. Firstly, Urk's sun had begun to die. Severe solar flares caused many deaths from radiation. Secondly, a massive space hulk appeared in orbit around the planet, offering escape from certain death. Ghazghkull managed to subjugate the other tribes on Urk, who combined to form the genesis of a Waaagh!. Ghazghkull's first base of operations was a deserted Fortress of Redemption, later renamed as Da Forktress. It has been vastly 'upgraded' by Orks. On the Urk Ghazghkull rode to battle on the "Da Killblasta" - big Battlewagon.[6] After arriving of the Hulk, Ghazghkull renamed it as Wurld Killa and set sail. While en-route through the warp, power systems on Ghazghkull's hulk failed several times and the Warboss and his new Ork charges had to fight off continuous Daemonic attacks, providing them with plenty of battle experience.[Needs Citation]


The hulk found its way to the Armageddon system. Its weapons demolished the defences of the Armageddon system, including obsolete orbital satellites and small attack craft. Desperate messages were sent in the hope of acquiring aid. Three Space Marine Chapters began to organise themselves but would not be able to get there before the Orks landed. A month later the Orks disembarked, beginning the Second War for Armageddon in earnest on the day of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension in 941.M41.[Needs Citation]
Ghazghkull locked in combat with Commissar Yarrick.[Needs Citation]

Ghazhkull's attempted conquest of Armageddon would be foiled by his arch-rival Commissar Yarrick, but the Warboss would later capture his hated enemy during the Battle of Golgotha. After a few weeks of torture, Ghazghkull decided Yarrick was too much fun for the "new" fight he was already planning and released the Commissar.[1a]

Fifty-seven years to the day after launching the Second Armageddon war, Ghazghkull once more invaded Armageddon, this time with an even larger Waaagh! at his disposal. Though initially conquering half the planet's surface in extremely bloody fighting, Ghazghkull became bored with the stalemate that was developing on Armageddon. Leaving the settlement of the conflict to his Nobz, Ghazghkull left Armageddon in search of a new more exciting fight. His old enemy, Commissar Yarrick, followed him and vowed to slay the Warboss at all cost.[1b]

Da Great Waaagh!

Ghazghkull was cornered by Yarrick and Helbrecht of the Black Templars at the Battle of Haunted Gulf, where it seemed the Warlord's luck had finally run out. During the height of the battle aboard his flagship Kill Wrecka, Ghazghkull received a message from his Weirdboyz apparently from Gork and Mork themselves. The Greenskin gods told him that it was not his time to die, and that the whole galaxy must echo to the battle cry of the Orks. They charged Ghazghkull with gathering a Waaagh! like no other, and to do this he must first defeat every other major Ork Warlord and bring their forces under his sway. Upon uniting the Ork race, he was commanded to lead them in a battle that would last forever. The Kill Wrecka vanished in the Warp and escaped his Imperial pursuers. The vessel reappeared in the Ork Empire of Octarius, where Ghazghkull first had to contend with the rival Warboss Urgok Da Slayer and then the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan. He has since launched his new Great Waaagh!, intent on fulfilling the mission given to him by the Ork gods.[5]

Ghazgkhull has since left the Octarius warzone, and is now leading a fleet of over 5 million ships against the Imperium.[7] However conflicting reports by the Logis Strategos concerning the location of Ghazghkull is causing consternation at the highest levels of the Imperium. The Grand Warlord is documented to be within Octarius, yet simultaneously sacking Cantissa, upon the killing fields of Aurochtha, reappearing at Armageddon to give tactical advice to his followers[5], in the Imperium Nihilus, and fighting around Ryza. It is speculated that the Orks are using Warp Storms to 'navigate' the galaxy, and extreme empyric time dilation may also be to blame for the confusion.[8]

Psychic Awakening

Later during a battle with Space Wolves Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane at the Battle of Krongar, Ghazghkull was decapitated despite badly wounding the Space Wolf[10]. His head was eventually discovered by a Grot and his remains were brought to Mad Dok Grotsnik who managed to bring the Warboss back to life, bigger and more powerful than ever.[9] Such is his Orky strength that his very presence draws Greenskins from light years away.[10]


Clad in a huge suit of Mega Armour, Ghazghkull wields the massive Power Klaw Gork's Klaw and an equally massive four-barreled cannon known as Mork's Roar.[9]


Over the course of his campaigns, Ghazghkull has recruited some of the most powerful Ork Warbosses as his allies. These include[3]:


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