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Ghesmei Kysnaros

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Ghesmei Kysnaros was a Lord Inquisitor at the time of the First War for Armageddon. Despite his involvement with Armageddon, he was not a member of the Ordo Malleus, and remained unaligned until his death.[1e] He was one of the prime overseers for the purge of the planet's surviving civilian and Imperial Guard population, intended to eradicate any lingering taint and knowledge of Chaos. Kysnaros commandeered the Imperial Navy vessel Corel's Hope for use in the operation.[1] Lord Kysnaros's believed that with enough impetus, he could convince the Space Wolves to submit to the Inquisition's cold reasoning without having to censure or destroy the chapter entirely. Given his ardent support of the purge and his initially soft attitude with the insubordinate Space Wolves, juxtaposed with his harsh methods in dealing with them in the crisis had served only to escalate the situation.[1a]

During the next few months, the Space Wolves would use defensive tactics to protect the courageous Imperial Guard elements that served on Armageddon and worked disseminate them to relative safety across the Imperium. This was done in defiance of the Inquisition's elected solution to destroy all elements that knew of the war in order to maintain silence. Over the next several months, the Grey Knights would be the spearhead that would lead to entire populations being destroyed to maintain silence of Armageddon. The Inquisition's cold war with the Space Wolves came to a head when the Inquisitorial fleet opened fire upon Space Wolves ships during an armistice of negotiation, leading to Logan Grimnar striking down Grey Knights Grand Master Joros directly in front of the Inquisitor Lord in a bout of righteous fury. Kysnaros, believing he could still convince the Space Wolves of the necessity of his actions, allowed the Space Wolves to escape. Outraged, the Wolves would instead shift to a more aggressive stance, and the civil war between the Inquision and Space Wolves began in earnest.[1b]

After he let the Space Wolves go after the armistice incident, Kysnaros' own inexperience and political naivete became apparent. It was later learned that Kysnaros had earned his title through overseeing a series of small-scale Crusades and street-level purges. Though these acts were admirable, his lack of experience with large scale operations left him ill-suited to manage the Armageddon containment campaign, one of the largest operations ever undertaken by the Ordo Malleus.[1b]

Kysnaros's clashes with the Wolves culminated in his mobilization of an entire Battlefleet including the full Fleet of the Red Hunters in order to besiege the Wolves homeworld of Fenris, intending to use a show of force to intimidate the Chapter to surrender and embark on a penitent Crusade. Kysnaros declared a parlay, and was received by Bjorn the Fell-Handed in the absence of Logan Grimnar. Kysnaros entreated Bjorn with the same proposal to submit to the will of the Inquisition to avoid further war, but was rebuffed. However Kysnaros' fleet was met by the entire Space Wolves fleet above The Fang, and his own flagship (still Corel's Hope) was boarded by a force of twenty Terminators led by Grimnar himself. Lord Inquisitor Kysnaros was killed by Grimnar in the ensuing battle aboard Corel's Hope.[1c]

During a conversation with Hyperion before his death, it became apparent that Kysnaros was both a potent psyker and an expert rhetorician, as well illuminating some of his past actions, as he was an idealistic individual who believed the Wolves could come to see his reasoning.[1d] Kysnaros's idealism was ultimately his downfall, as he failed to realize that the Space Wolves would never accept the cold reasoning of the Inquisition, and his inability to foresee that they might defy him in open warfare.

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