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Gholic Ren-Sar Valinov

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Gholic Ren-Sar Valinov was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus who fell to Chaos.


This page contains spoilers for: Grey Knights (Novel)

Early Life

Little is known about Valinov's early life as he deleted most of his history. What is known is that he was from the Segmentum Solar. He was recruited into the Inquisition by Inquisitor Barbillus on the planet Rhanda during a purge of naval aristocracy. He joined the Inquisitor's investigative arm. Barbillus used his skills as an arch manipulator to get information. Over the course of six years, Valinov's work led Barbillus to K'Sharr the Butcher's empire, hidden cults on Talshenn III, and pre-Imperial human tribes on Gerentulan Minor. He was elevated to Senior Interrogator just before Agnarsson's Hold. Agnarsson's Hold also claimed the life of Inquisitor Barbillus who had instructed his retinue to execute Exterminatus on the world if he did not return[1a].


Documents are sketchy about exactly when Valinov was made full Inquisitor, but doubtless it happened. He was active around Thracian Primaris during the brutal campaigns around the Eye of Terror. He may have played a part in subjugation of a Chaos-infected species discovered near the end of the Damocles Crusade. There is almost no data about his largest mission, to the planet of V'run[1a].


Some members of the Ordo Malleus believe that he had already turned before he travelled to V'Run. No one knows exactly where or when he fell to Chaos. He left a trail of destruction throughout the Segmentum Solar, from destroying an entire Hive city, to joining a cult along the Gaolven Belt. This cult was destroyed by Inquisitor Nyxos with the help of the Grey Knights[1a]. Valinov was captured and taken to Mimas. He later admitted to killing Inquisitor Barbillus[1b].

Trail of Saint Evisser

Valinov escaped the prison on Mimas with the assistance of Inquisitor Ligeia and her Death Cult assassins[1c]. After his escape he travelled to the planet of Volcanis Ultor where he took control of the Imperial forces defending the city, under the guise of an Inquisitor[1d]. The Grey Knights, led by Justicar Alaric, stormed into the shrine of Saint Evisser, killing the reanimated Saint[1e]. The death of the Saint was the final step in the rebirth of the Daemon Prince Ghargatuloth. Valinov had been working to bring his master, Ghargatuloth back into the Material World. The Daemon began to assimilate Valinov, but before this process could be completed, Alaric greatly damaged the daemon, forcing him to drop Valinov.[1e]

After finishing off the daemon, Alaric found Valinov among its remains, half-dead. Alaric considered that, Valinov having failed in his purpose, there was little more that could be done to punish him. Nevertheless, Alaric exercised his authority as an agent of the Malleus and carried out the execution that the Ordo Malleus had already ordered, drowning Valinov in the toxic lake.[1e]

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