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Ghorvenfal Raid

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The Ghorvenfal Raid was a Dark Eldar raid by the Wych Cult of Strife and Kabal of the Black Heart.[1]


The world of Ghorvenfal was a world of the Alpha Legion warlord Jaghathra Vrax. Known to evade Imperial retaliation with ease, Vrax eventually overreached himself after discovering that the Kabal of the Black Heart planned to raid the Imperial factory world of Melidrantis. He elected to use the Dark Eldar as pawns in his own schemes. Vrax concealed Alpha Legion Marines on the planet's surface, ordering them to wait until the raid was underway. At the battle's height they struck, catching both the Kabalites and their Cadian Imperial Guard foes by surprise and exacting a heavy toll. Vrax's forces escaeped with a huge stockpile of weaponry and left the Black Heart to retreat empty-handed. Asdrubael Vect saw this as a grave insult and spared no effort in tracking down his Alpha Legion forces. This was not to be a slave raid, but a slaughter. At Vect's request, Lelith Hesperax herself would personally take down Vrax.[1]

The raid began as Ghorvenfal's sun rose. A Webway Portal opened above the worlds black mountains, taking the Alpha Legion by surprise. From the portal flew dozens of attack craft, assaulting the Alpha Legion strongholds located along mountain peaks. Taking out the Chaos air defense batteries with fighter craft, Dark Eldar raiders assaulted the planets primary fort on Raiders. Kabalite Warriors and Wyches cut a path through the Alpha Legion defenders, eventually surrounding them in their primary arming chamber.[1]

It was in this chamber that Hesperax met Vrax in single combat, mockingly offering the Chaos Lord freedom if he could best her. However despite his Daemonic-enhanced strength, Vrax was cut down in a blinding strike by Hesperax's twin knives. After he fell, all of the remaining Alpha Legionnaires were slaughtered. All save a single limbless form which still howls in endless agony above the gate to Vect's palace.[1]