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Ghosts and Bad Shadows (Short Story)

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Ghosts and Bad Shadows
Author Dan Abnett
Publisher Black Library
Series Gaunt's Ghosts
Collected in Sabbat Crusade

Ghosts and Bad Shadows is a Gaunt's Ghosts short story by Dan Abnett.

Cover Description

As they travel from distant Salvation's Reach back to the front lines of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Gaunt's Ghosts make a stop to resupply. On the forest moon of Aigor 991, an Imperial Navy cache awaits them. But that's not all that's waiting for them. As Gol Kolea leads a force to get the supplies, he discovers a creature – or something – on Aigor 991 that knows who they are, what's behind them... and most worryingly, what awaits them.

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