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Ghovah was a famed Tau Piranha pilot. Hailing from the Sept of Vior'la, he claimed 1,000 kills during his service. His most famous victory occurred after his retirement from the frontiers to a training position. An Ork invasion forced Ghovah back into battle when the greenskins attacked Vior'la's largest moon. Only Ghovah and his barely-trained Piranha cadre stood between the highly mechanized Orks and the destruction of the moon base (and its vital food production facilities).[1]

With Ghovah leading the attack, the Piranha squadron darted in interweaving patterns between the crude Ork vehicles, with burst cannon-armed Piranha's attacking lightly armored Warbikes and Trukks, while fusion blaster-equipped vehicles targeted Battlewagons and tanks. Surprised by this turn of events, the Orks broke off their drive towards the moons Earth Caste food production facilities and attempted to engage Ghovah directly. In the ensuing battle, Ghovah's piranha team feinted and fled, setting the Orks for repeated counterattacks. Finally, the greenskins broke when, even while losing control of his damaged Piranha, Ghovah steered his vehicle straight into the Warbosses Battlewagon and broke the Ork leadership.[1]

After the battle, Ghovah's example and sacrifice were noted and he was posthumously named a hero of the Empire.[1]