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Ghulgh Thraxoplasmox

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Ghulgh Thraxoplasmox is a Death Guard Lord of Virulence[1b], who commands a large Warband known as the Tide of Filth.[1a]


In battle, he was a methodical and relentless living scourge, who specialized in spreading misery and despair. Such was his might, that Thraxoplasmox had a great many of the Death Guard's Warbands at his command, as well as a horde of armored war engines. However he was also among the members of the Death Guard, who were surprisingly loyal to Typhus, rather than their Daemon Primarch Mortarion. When the Traveler prepared to launch the Charadon Campaign, Thraxoplasmox and Oghlosmus Bilge's loyalty was rewarded and Typhus gave them each command of a portion of the Chaos forces he had gathered. The Lord of Virulence would then swear a filthpact with Typhus, to lock down Barlech's Channel Warp route within the Charadon Sector. He would also make sure to bleed the Imperium's strength, in a third front of the Campaign.[1b]

Sometime during the Camapaign, the Lord of Virulence's Pox-seers, led him to an Imperial silo that was filled with hundreds of untouched Battle Tanks. Once he realized the extent of his prize, Thraxoplasmox quickly ordered the Plague Champion Vorgh, to summon his Warband[1c], the Tide of Filth[1a]. When the Warband arrived, the ordered them to begin corrupting the Tanks, so the Tides of Filth could make use of them.[1c]