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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Ghyre Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar[1c]
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[1a]
Class: Mining World[1a], Hive World[1a]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Ghyre is a Mining World of the Imperium.[1a]


Ghyre is notable for its deposits of enderrium, an ore used in the production of high-quality las-cells. The planet is a major supplier of raw materials for the Forge World of Shallethrax. In addition, the planet raises airborne infantry regiments for the Astra Militarum known as the Ghyrish Airborne, as well as fighter pilots for the Aeronautica Imperialis.[1a]

The planet is considered important enough to have a Space Marine Honour Guard Squad of the Imperial Fists Chapter stationed on Ghyre to protect it. By the Age of the Dark Imperium, the squad was five Marines strong and led by Brother-Sergeant Torgan of the Fists' Fifth Company.[1a]


In the wake of the Great Rift's creation, Ghyre was isolated from the wider Imperium and the light of the Astronomican for an unknown period of time, suffering from civil unrest (which continued even after contact was reestablished), disruption of astropathic communication, strange phenomena and an increase in the populations of local predatory beasts. The Rift itself was visible from the conclave chamber in the spire of Hive Angelicus, inducing madness in any who gazed upon it for too long. All of this was disastrous for the planet's output, which fell approximately 23% as a result of the unrest.[1a]

Efforts to supress the knowledge of malign manifestations and quell the uprisings proved ineffective. Eventually, Governor Osmyndri Ellisentris Kallistus III turned to Brother-Sergeant Torgan of the Imperial Fists for advice. Torgan was concerned that the various insurrectionist actions were both connected and showed signs of a Chaos Cult having arisen on Ghyre, due to both the numbers of reported insurgents and the fact that they all claimed fealty to the same individual, known only as "Father". He advocated sending a request for aid from his home Chapter and Governor Kallistus agreed to have the Ghyrish astropaths send a message despite the risk from the empyreal disturbances caused by the Rift.[1a]

It would transpire that Torgan was partially correct - there was a growing cult on Ghyre, but not one dedicated to worship of the Ruinous Powers. Rather, the planet had become host to a Genestealer Cult known as the Cult of the Wrything Wyrm.[1b]


Ghyre possesses three hive cities.[1a][1c]

The northern reaches of Ghyre's single continent (referred to simply as The Continent[1c]) feature extensive jungles that are regularly purged by Adeptus Mechanicus macro-purgators to prevent both vegetation from encroaching on the mining trails and predatory fauna from preying on the populations of the planet's settlements.[1a][1c] The opening of the Great Rift coincided with a sharp increase in the speed of the jungle's growth and the fauna populations.[1a]

Known Settlements

Known Flora and Fauna


As with many Imperial worlds, the hives of Ghyre are ruled over by a number of Noble Houses, each led by a Clan Lord. Below these are the mining clans.[1a]


The heraldic symbol of Ghyre is a crimson spear.[1c]

Other Planetary Information

The skies of Ghyre are blue in colour during the day.[1a][1b]

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