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Giant's Coffin

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The Giant's Coffin was a geographical landmark on the death world of Miral. It was a huge mesa of rock which rose out of the equatorial jungle, providing a formidable natural fortress - steep walls slowed down attackers, while clefts in the rock provided excellent firing positions for defenders to cover the approaches for miles in all directions.[1] The Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine Chapter maintained an outpost on the mesa for resupplying and recruitment.[2a]

In 990.M41, Chapter Master Thorcyra led the Scythes of the Emperor in a bold last stand upon the Giant's Coffin, after the destruction of their home world of Sotha. Only around a hundred Space Marines escaped aboard a flight of Thunderhawks, and Thorcyra himself was killed after passing the mantle of command to Captain Thrasius.[1]

According to local Mirali myth, the Coffin was the burial place for an ancient race that came from the stars.[2b]