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Gideon (Blood Angels)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Blood Angels Veteran Sergeant; for the other uses, see Gideon (disambiguation).

Gideon is a Veteran Sergeant of the Blood Angels who led forces into the Space Hulk Sin of Damnation.[1]

Once Gideon was a member of a Terminator Assault Squad, but after his promotion to Sergeant changed his Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield for the customary Storm Bolter and Power Sword. However, in his next battle, a round from an ork gun caused Gideon's armour to seize; following this incident, he declared that the machine spirit of his proud armour was offended and once again took up his beloved thunder hammer and storm shield, never to replace them again.[1]


Gideon mini from the game Space Hulk, 3rd Edition[Needs Citation]

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