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Gifts of Chaos

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The Gods of Chaos sometimes bless their favoured champions with a Gift of Chaos. These rewards are many and varied in design and purpose and the following are just a selection of the many which have been created.

Gifts of Chaos are incredibly diverse in form and function. Some gifts are actual objects such as Daemon Weapons[7] or suits of armour, some are physical mutations where the champion may gain daemonic features or other similar attributes[5][6], other forms of gift may reward the champion with a daemonic companion such as a Familiar[5][6] or a Daemonic Steed[2], whilst other gifts may be even more esoteric - rewarding a champion with a daemonic name, for example.[5][6]

Gifts of Khorne

An individual bearing the Mark of Khorne is imbued with a portion of his patron's battle rage - he becomes even more ferocious in close combat and loses all sense of fear or self-restraint[1]. Often the skull rune of Khorne is branded or otherwise etched on the bearer's flesh.[8]

  • Banner of Rage - Contains the souls of the most bloodthirsty of Khorne's followers and emits these emotions into the minds of those nearby, increasing their appetite for blood to a new level.[10d]
  • Berserker Glaive - A weapon that the bearer must constantly fight with to remain in dominance. The blade contains the bound essence of a Bloodthirster which has been driven truly insane by its captivity. The glaive provides great protection for the bearer, but doesn't always destroy the right person.[1]
  • Blessing of the Blood God - A unique ability granted to Khorne's greatest champion, Kharn, that renders him immune to psychic attack.[9f]
  • Collars of Khorne - Spiked collars engraved with sigils of Khorne, supposedly forged at weapon foundries at the foot of the Blood God's throne of brass.[8] A Collar can control the Warp energy around it and protect the bearer from incoming psychic powers.[10b]
  • Daemon Weapon - the gifted is granted a daemon weapon possessed by a Bloodletter.[8] Daemonic weapons of Khorne are known as Bloodfeeders.[11]
    • Axe of Khorne - A Daemon Weapon which has been imbued with the power and bloodlust of Khorne, driving the bearer to greater feats of death and destruction. The ferocity produced by the weapon means that often many more attacks are achieved than with standard weaponry.[1][10b]
  • Daemonic Name - Khorne for a brief moment recognizes the servant as his own, bestowing or revealing the gifted's true name.[8]
  • Face of Khorne - the gifted's face become the very essence of bloodshed, the eyes shining with the inner light of Khorne bone-forges, and the nostrils bellowing black smoke from every funeral pyre ever burnt.[8]
  • Flesh-fused Weapon - the gifted's favoured weapon is empowered by Khorne, fusing it with their flesh.[8]
  • Hand of Khorne - one of the gifted's hands swells in size and the nails become distended and as hard as iron; the hand is a tool of Khorne's will, which is the slaughter of every living soul in existence.[8]
  • Juggernauts - Daemonic Steeds for particularly favoured champions of Khorne; they are massive steeds made of living metal, whose blood is liquid fire.[1]
  • Khornate Chainaxe - is a heavy, sharp and deadly weapon which can pierce any material with ease.[1]
  • Praise of Khorne - this praise increases the chance that champion's armour deflects hits.[10b]
  • Purity of Aggression - the gifted is blessed with the utter clarity of Khorne's will; all emotions other than bloodshed is driven from his mind; no foe is beyond hatred and the feeling is mutual.[8]
  • Rage of Khorne - imbues such a desire for combat in its bearer that his rage builds and builds before exploding out in the first combat encounter.[1]
  • Talisman of Burning Blood - allows the bearer to control their rage for slightly longer than usual, as well as that of those around them, or to force them into an even greater rage.[1]

Artefacts of Khorne

Gifts of Slaanesh

  • Those bearing the Mark of Slaanesh become touched by Slaanesh, who claims their souls for all eternity. The bearer of the mark gains the ability to emit a piercing scream that disorientates their foes.[1]
  • Allure of Slaanesh - projects a siren-like song which draws enemies in and damages their morale.[1] [10c]
  • Aura of Acquiescence - morphs the bearer into the image of Slaanesh and nearby enemies throw away their own sense of self-preservation in order to do the will of the bearer.[1]
  • Combat Drugs[1]
  • Daemon Weapon - the gifted is granted a daemon weapon possessed by a Daemonette.[8] Daemon weapons of Slaanesh are known as Blissgivers.[11]
  • Daemonic Name - the gifted is granted a secret name derived from impossible vowels and consonants voiced in the sibilant, lifting tongue of the servants of Slaanesh. Powerful servants of chaos may receive multiple names.[8]
  • Doom Siren - a sonic weapon, it is made up primarily of an arrangement of tubes which amplify the war cries of the bearer into a devastating wave of sound.[1]
  • Face of Slaanesh - the gifted's face bears a fraction of Slaanesh's countenance and all who look upon him are enslaved by his allure[8].
  • Gaze of Slaanesh - anyone meeting the eyes of a champion gifted with the gaze of Slaanesh becomes slower or is stunned so they cannot fight against the champion at all.[10c]
  • Hermaphrodite - the gifted becomes like Slaanesh, having both genders with a single breast; they assume a disturbingly attractive form but are ultimately sexless, and gender differences become irrelevant to them.[8]
  • Needle of Desire - a double-ended needle, one end of which is permanently inserted into the champion, from whom it absorbs various poisons and toxins produced by champions of Slaanesh. The venom will throw anyone into a state of delirium and many simply shut down the moment the toxins reach their blood stream, so potent is the poison. They will often then remain slumped over the needle.[1]
  • One Thousand and One Senses - the gifted is granted with a entirely new and previously unheard of array of sensory perceptions, the merest of which makes those he was born with pale in insignificance.[8]
  • Rapturous Standard - a banner which rings with the promise of coming forbidden pleasures and delights.[10d]
  • Scream of Slaanesh - champion howls with terrifying voice that stuns his enemies.[10c]
  • Sonic Blaster - a Slaaneshi sonic weapon, it produces waves of devastating sound which can rip targets apart.[1]
  • Steeds of Slaanesh - swift and powerful Daemonic creatures of Slaanesh, they are often used as mounts for mortal or daemonic champions of Slaanesh.[1]

Artefacts of Slaanesh

Gifts of Nurgle

  • Those with the Mark of Nurgle become bloated with pestilence; their rotting flesh makes them near immune to pain and extremely difficult to kill.[1]
  • Biting Tongue - The champion's tongue grows to be thick and cylindrical, with a maw of biting teeth - much like that of a Great Unclean One.[6]
  • Blight Grenades - made of the miniaturised heads of the enemies of Nurgle, killed by one of Nurgle's favourite plagues. The grenades scare and disorient enemies as they attack.[1]
  • Corpulent Immensity - the champion's frame swells and his innards bloat, his skin sloughs and pores weep pus, despite this he is blessed with vigour and strength.[8]
  • Crossbreed with Beast - the bearer mutates into a hybrid creature, becoming half-Beast of Nurgle.[6]
  • Daemonic Name - Nurgle bestows the champion with a Daemonic name, granting him equal status to the daemons of Nurgle.[8]
  • Daemon Weapon - the gifted is granted a daemon weapon possessed by a Plaguebearer.[8] Daemon weapons of Nurgle are known as Plaguebringers.[11]
  • Face of a Plaguebearer - the bearer's head becomes like that of a Plaguebearer - with rotting flesh, a single bulbous eye and a lone horn sprouting from their brow.[6]
  • Face of Beast - the champion's head becomes like that of a Beast of Nurgle, framed by a mass of paralysing tentacles.[6]
  • Face of Nurgle - the gifted is blessed with Nurgle's visage, with swollen flesh, and great lumps slough off revealing the corruption beneath, the champion's eyes twinkle with Nurgle's mischievous humour and dark beneficence.[8]
  • Nurgling Infestation - consists of a small group of Nurglings which follows the champion, feasting on the flakes of dead and diseased skin which continuously fall from them. They are also useful in close combat.[1] These Nurglings are born from seeping pustules that grow in the gifted's body.[8]
  • Nurgle's Cloud of Flies - Thick cloud of flies surround the champion so anyone wishing to attack him in close combat gets distracted by the swirling insects.[10b]
  • Nurgle's Rot - one of Nurgle's favourite plagues. It causes many afflictions upon those near it, including blisters, boils, and welts. The damage is quick, but the suffering intense. Many submit themselves to Nurgle just to end the torment. The Plaguebearers and Great Unclean Ones are normally surrounded by a thick fog of disease, and in some cases the Champions of Nurgle are deemed worthy enough to bear this formidable weapon for Nurgle.[1] [10b]
  • Pandemic Staves - vessels for the diseases of Nurgle when they are carried from the Warp to the materium and can be released in battle to feast upon enemy units.[1]
  • Plague Sword - a blade covered in a film of poisonous pus likely to kill any it infects who don't die from the initial strike.[1]
  • Plague Banner - a horrible conglomeration of rotting hides which flap in a pestilent wind. It also contains a powerful curse which can absorb the life from any nearby enemy.[10d]
  • Rot Proboscis - Many Rot Flies vomit poisonous and corrosive digestive juices over their prey, allowing the flies to suck up the liquefied remains.[9]
  • Trail of Slime - The bearer leaves a thick trail of mucous-like slime wherever he goes, anyone coming into contact with this slime runs the risk of contracting Nurgle's Rot.[6]
  • Venom Sting - A poisonous sting so potent that even the smallest scratch can prove enough to kill the most hardened of heroes.[9]

Artefacts of Nurgle

  • Manreaper - a daemonically-possessed two-handed scythe, supposedly dipped in the filth seeping from the Throne of Nurgle, that can kill multiple opponents in one sweep.[9h] Its daemonic touch also saps the will of the targeted group. It is primarily carried by Chaos Lords.[1]

Gifts of Tzeentch

  • Mark of Tzeentch - Tzeentch shares with the gifted a small portion of his grand scheme for the universe, enough of it without blasting his soul to cinders. The bearer becomes a Sorcerer, able to use psychic powers.[1]
  • Bedlam Staves - originated during the Horus Heresy from within the Thousand Sons. Since they turned to Tzeentch the Bedlam Staves have been held by many warriors and are steeped in the psychic remnants of many warriors. When they strike, Bedlam Staves remove all thoughts from the minds of the target, making them pause temporarily.[1] In Dawn of War, the Bedlam Staff is Chaos Sorcerer Sindri Myr's melee weapon and it is extremely dangerous to infantry targets.[4]
  • Blasted Standard - a banner of some description whose design alters constantly throughout a battle by the powers of change. Much energy is stored within the standard and is released when an enemy approaches.[10d]
  • Breath Fire - champion is gifted with the ability to breath the writhing flames of Tzeentch against his foes.[10c]
  • Changing of the Ways - exposure to the raw will of Tzeentch changes and mutates his body, replacing all his previous gifts with new ones.[8]
  • Crossbreed with Flamer - the champion becomes a hybrid of their original form and that of a Flamer of Tzeentch.[7]
  • Daemonic Name - Tzeentch reveals the name of the champion by which he is known in the warp.[8]
  • Daemon Weapon - the gifted is granted a daemon weapon possessed by a Horror.[8] Daemonic weapons of Tzeentch are known as Deathscreamers.[11]
  • Destiny of Tzeentch - gives the ability to foresee foe's acts and so act faster.[10c]
  • Discs of Tzeentch - daemonic entities that soar on the etheric winds in the Eye of Terror. They can then be tamed (to an extent) and given to Tzeentch's followers as steeds.[1]
  • Eye of Tzeentch - a third eye located somewhere on the body or armour of the champion and allows them to foresee the future and adjust their actions accordingly.[1]
  • Ecstatic Duplication - upon the bearer's death he divides into two Blue Horrors, he may later be reborn from their congealed essence.[8]
  • Face of a Horror - the bearer's head changes to resemble that of a Lesser Daemon of Tzeentch - either pink with a massive grin or blue with a snarling frown.[7]
  • Face of a Lord of Change - the champion's head becomes bird-like, resembling that of a Lord of Change.[7]
  • Face of Tzeentch - the gifted's features shift and change around his face, to simulate Tzeentch inscrutable visage.[8]
  • Flaming Arm - a arm of the gifted is replaced with the flaming arm of a Flamer of Tzeentch, and is able to project blasts of flame.[8]
  • Hand of Tzeentch - one of the bearer's hands becomes a huge claw much like that of a Horror of Tzeentch.[7]
  • Massive Intellect - exposure to the will of Tzeentch grants the gifted with an expanded intellect, enabling him to perceive Tzeentch's great schemes and goals.[8]
  • Talisman of Tzeentch - linked into the warp and is a blight on the mental control of other psykers.[1]
  • Warp Blade - has the power to dissipate psychic energy directed towards it, as well as being a highly potent close combat weapon.[1]
  • Warpsmith - the champion is rewarded with the ability to manipulate the tides of the warp as though he was born there, rather than in the mortal realm.[8]

Artefacts of Tzeentch

Chaos Mutations

The Ruinous Powers are fickle and treacherous in nature and even their greatest champions may receive only mediocre blessings or even wholly harmful boons.[9a] Even the strangest mutations, like additional maws, wildly coloured flesh or additional heads, are proudly carried by the champions of chaos as marks of divine favour.[10a]

  • All-consuming Hatred - champion is filled with unyielding ire and hate against everything that stands in his way.[9a]
  • Arcane Occulum - an eye of accuracy mutates into body of the champion.[9a]
  • Aura of Dark Glory - champion is protected from wordly harm by either visible or invisible forceshield.[9k]
  • Blade of Chaos - champion's weapon of choice is infused with the power of the Warp.[9a]
  • Blademaster - champion's blade becomes one with the wielder making him a swordsman without peer.[9a]
  • Bloated - champion's flesh regenerates itself healing even the most mortal wounds.[9a]
  • Cerebral Cogitator - gifted one's blood is filled with stimuli that makes him faster.[9a]
  • Cosmic Fate - champion has been touched by destiny.[9a]
  • Crystalline Body - gifted one's flesh turns into diamond-like material.[9a]
  • Fragment of Immortality - gifted one has ability to cheat the death.[9a]
  • Gun Morph - limb of the gifted one incorporates with his gun making it more powerful.[9a]
  • Ichor Blood - champion's blood is replaced by some deadly substance and when harmed it spurts on his enemies hurting them.[9k]
  • Icy Aura - gifted one's body radiates unbearable cold to whomever stands nearby.[9a]
  • Lifetaker - gifted one receives an aura of aging making his foes more vulnerable.[9a]
  • Masochism - gifted one cares nought for mortal pain as he is twisted with perverse joy of agony.[9a]
  • Mechanoid - champion's flesh incorporates itself into the armour he wears.[9a]
    • Fleshmetal - the devotee has been fusioned with his armour creating extremely hard exoskeleton.[9l]
  • Meteoric Charge - whenever gifted one charges he gets the momentum of steel bull.[9a]
  • Mind of Metal - champion cares nought of witchcraft or psychic powers aimed at him.[9a]
  • Shield of Force - champion is covered with raw energy of the Warp.[9a]
  • Strenght of the Berzerker - champion is pumped up with inhuman strenght.[9a]
  • Temporal Distortion - time around the gifted one is altered so he can move more freely.[9a]
  • Unholy Crusader - the champion becomes tireless in his quest.[9a]
  • Venomous - gifted one's touch becomes poisonous.[9a]
  • Voice of Horus - champion's commands aren't to be ignored.[9a]
  • Warp Claws - champion's claws incise the reality.[9a]
  • Warp frenzy - gifted one is filled with rage.[9a]
  • Witch-eater - champion generates an aura of retaliation against warp-spawned powers.[9a]

Chaos Spawn

The Chaos Gods are not always benevolent with their gifts. Sometimes a follower will be gifted with Spawndom, becoming a mindless creature of nightmarish form.[9c]

Daemon Prince

The ultimate reward for champions of chaos is to be rewarded with daemonhood by becoming a Daemon Prince.[9b]


Main article: Familiar (Chaos)

Familiars are in this case small creatures that either augment the owner's psychic powers or amplify their combat prowess.[9k]

Artefacts of Chaos

Artefacts whose alignment to any of the chaos gods is not explicitly stated or whose alignment is to multiple deities:

  • Black Mace - diabolical mace which is believed to have been blessed by each daemon Primarchs. One struck by this weapon turns into decaying pile of flesh and bone while the curse itself spreads in every direction like a shockwave.[9m]
  • Burning Brand of Skalathrax - arcane flamer used by Khârn the Betrayer at Skalathrax. Even though it seems only appropriate that it is an artefact of Khorne, its powers have a Tzeentchian tint.[9m]
  • Dimensional Keys - keys crafted from the thighbones of daemon princes. If it is pushed into the heart of a dying man, it unlocks the barriers between the Warp and real space.[9m]
  • Drach'nyen - an arcane daemon weapon with a bound daemon within it.[9d]
  • Flesh Banner - made from living flesh, this hideous standard resembles the skin of human being that howls and screams against its bearer's foes.[10d]
  • Murder Sword - extremely powerful weapon which is believed to actually be the Anathame used to corrupt Horus on Davin. If treated with certain dark rituals, this sword becomes an ultimate bane against a certain foe.[9m]
  • Warp Banner - ink black standard that works as a relay beacon to the daemonic forces of chaos that await their time in the Warp.[10d]

Fabius Bile

Fabius Bile possesses two artifacts he made himself, which would not normally qualify as artifacts of Chaos, but both have absorbed so much Warp energy over time that for all practical purposes they count as such.

  • Chirurgeon - additional spidery limbs carried by Fabius Bile, created by a disturbing combination of science and dark arts.[9j]
  • Rod of Torment - warpforged artifact that causes unbearable agony and pain which kills even the toughest creatures.[9j]

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