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Gilded Fist

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Warriors of the Gilded Fist

The Gilded Fist are an Allarus Custodian band of the Adeptus Custodes Allarus Terminators.[1a]


The Gilded Fist are led by the indomitable Vanius Arcturon-Tybus, this squad has achieved remarkable feats of violence in the Emperor's name. It was the Gilded Fist who struck the head from the Ulgwyrm Cult of the Pan-Siberic Cluster, ended the insane machinations of Inquisitor D'anloxtos, led the purge of the traitor-held space hulk Leviathan of Agonies before it could reach the edge of the Sol System[1b] and repelled the attack of Drukhari Haemonculi of the Twisted Spiral on the planet of Othana V, which directly serve Adeptus Custodes star keep Prescience.[1a]

Unusually for Custodians, these warriors have fought side by side for decades now, asserting that they can best serve the Emperor operating as a single, tightly fraternal force.[1b]

Notable Members