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Gladiator Group 138

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Gladiator Group 138 are a warband of World Eaters.

Gladiator Group 138
GG138.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: World Eaters
Leader: Kraagon Gorefist
Colours: Red Armor with Gold Trim
Chaos Dedication: Khorne
Strength: Unknown

Bloodthirsty, insane, and savage fighters that prefer close combat, they took part in the Battle of Eagle Gate and laid siege to the Adeptus Mechanicus world of Lector's Lowel.[1] They are also known to have taken part in the Crusade of Fire as part of the Servants of Ruin.[2]

They are led by Kraagon Gorefist, who earned his 'slaughter crown' from Khorne for his brutality during the battle.[1]

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