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Gladius Incandor

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Guilliman with the Gladius Incandor

The Gladius Incandor was a glittering silver blade that was one of the many weapons owned by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman. It was an iconic weapon that was of not only surpassing quality but also seen by the Ultramarines Legion as a symbol of their Primarch's might and authority.[1]

Years after the Horus Heresy ended, Guilliman wielded the Gladius in his hunt for his traitorous Brother, Fulgrim.[2a] Fulgrim though, would ambush his Brother's fleet over Thessala and in desperation Guilliman and his forces launched several teleportation attacks on Fulgrim's flagship, the Pride of the Emperor.[2b] The two Primarchs would later clash aboard the ship, but Guilliman was fatally wounded by Fulgrim, before the traitor knocked the Gladius Incandor from his Brother's grasp. Though Guilliman was safely teleported back to his flagship, the Gauntlet of Power, the Gladius was unfortunately left behind on Fulgrim's ship.[2a]