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Glavia Aerand

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Glavia Aerand with her Regiment[1]

Glavia Aerand is a Cadian Astra Militarum Sanctioned Psyker.[1]


She was once a an officer in the Cadian Shock Troopers, who possessed preternatural good luck. This was revealed to be psychic in nature, when the Great Rift's creation caused Aerand's abilities to fully manifest themselves. Thanks to the intervention of her Regiment's Primaris Psyker, Aerand survived the emergence of her psychic powers and was sent to the Imperium's Scholastica Psykana to be trained in her abilities. She survived the hellish experience and was turned into a Sanctioned Psyker, leaving Aerand to make use of her psychic gift. The former officer was then returned to her original Regiment, but her new status as a psyker led her once friends and comrades to view Aerand with terror and suspicion. Matters were then made worse, as her Regiment was sent to a battlefield on the haunting world of Visage, shortly afterwards.[1]