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Gloriana Class Battleship

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The Gloriana Class Battleship Iron Blood

The Gloriana Class Battleship was an ancient and powerful Battleship design used by the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


The Gloriana Class Battleship was an ancient Terran design which alongside similar vessels like the Promethean Class Cruiser and Tiamat Class Destroyer were forgotten technological relics, even by the time of the Great Crusade. They far surpassed the contemporary Imperial designs in capability.[10b]

Officially classified as a type of command Battle Barge, the vessels were around 20 kilometres in length, though their size and appearance varied greatly.[1] These massive ships were frequently used as flagships for Imperial fleets and even Primarchs. The Gloriana Class vessels are the largest known Imperial warships after the Phalanx and Furious Abyss-class vessels.[1] Some of the largest known Gloriana-class vessels were the Vengeful Spirit, Conqueror, Hrafnkel, and Iron Blood.[4]

The Dark Angels had perhaps the greatest fleet of the Space Marine Legions during the time of the Horus Heresy, including many advanced relic ships. These including multiple Gloriana Class vessels.[10c] Besides the Invincible Reason, the Dark Angels fielded two more Gloriana class vessels at the Battle of Advex-Mors, one of which was destroyed.[10d] Later two unnamed Dark Angels Gloriana Battleships were seen during the Thramas Crusade.[10a]

As of M41, the design appears to have fallen out of use. However, a few still serve as flagships, such as the Invincible Reason (Dark Angels) and Macragge's Honour (Ultramarines). The latter of these currently serves as the Lord Regent Roboute Guilliman's personal flagship.[1][2][3][9][11]

Named Gloriana Class Battleships

Vessel Fleet Status
Invincible Reason Dark Angels In active service as the flagship of the Dark Angels fleet.[9]
Paradigm of Hate Dark Angels Destroyed during the Battle of Advex-Mors[10d]
Truth's Razor Dark Angels Unknown
Pride of the Emperor Emperor's Children Crippled during the Battle of Thessala
Iron Blood Iron Warriors Unknown
Swordstorm White Scars Destroyed during the Battle of Catallus during the Horus Heresy
Hrafnkel Space Wolves Unknown
Burden of Duty Imperial Fists Possibly destroyed in the Siege of Cthonia.[12]
Eternal Crusader Imperial Fists In active service as flagship of the Black Templars
Nightfall Night Lords Unknown
Red Tear Blood Angels Unknown
Fist of Iron Iron Hands Unknown
Conqueror World Eaters In active service in Kossolax's fleet during the 13th Black Crusade
Macragge's Honour Ultramarines In active service as the flagship of Roboute Guilliman in M42
Endurance Death Guard In active service as the flagship of Mortarion[7]
Photep Thousand Sons Unknown
Vengeful Spirit Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus In active service as the flagship of Abaddon the Despoiler during the 13th Black Crusade
Magna Tyrannis Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus Renamed Harbinger of Doom. In active service with the Black Legion.
Fidelitas Lex Word Bearers Destroyed over Nuceria during the Horus Heresy
Chronicle of Ashes Word Bearers Captured by the Ultramarines and given to the Nemesis Chapter (as the Lex Talonis)[5]
Flamewrought Salamanders Unknown
Shadow of the Emperor Raven Guard Destroyed in the Drop Site Massacre
Alpha Alpha Legion Unknown
Beta Alpha Legion Unknown
Amphion Imperial Armada Unknown


Conflicting sources

The End and the Death: Volume III (Novel) states that only 20 Gloriana class ships were ever made.[13] The list above proves otherwise.


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