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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Sanctioned Psyker; for the Genestealer Patriarch, see Foresire Glutt.

Glutt was a Sanctioned Psyker of the Imperial Guard who fought during the Chaos insurrection of Sepus Prime.[1]


Glutt was brutally trained for years by the Scholastia Psykana.[1]

He was assigned to the Imperial Guard and fought during the Chaos insurrection of Sepus Prime. The savagery of the war wiped away all the aphorisms taught to him by the Scholastia Psykana, except the phrase "Through the needle's eye, I live or die", which he used as a mantra to keep himself focused. The rest of his detail was wiped out before reaching Tadmor Ridge on their way to the front lines. Glutt started to make his way back to the barracks.[1]

After two days, near the barracks, Glutt came across Lieutenant Sorov's unit, who were preparing to shoot down Governor Narbo's Aquila Lander. They were successful, but the Governor emerged from the wreck, and transformed into a Chaos Spawn, killing all except Glutt, Sorov, and Vox-officer Federak. Glutt unleashed his abilities, and destroyed the Spawn before it could kill Sorov and Federak.[1]

Despite Narbo being killed, Commander Ortegal redesignated Sepus Prime as Contaminated, and ordered the entire planet to be Virus Bombed, along with everyone on it, leaving the Imperial Guard regiments to die there. When this happened, Glutt managed to survive by using his psychic abilites to become one with the explosions.[1]


Glutt had a slight build.[1]


During his time as an Imperial Sanctioned Psyker, Glutt wielded an eagle-headed staff, and a Laspistol with a scope. He wore a heavy black coat and peaked cap, and had a rebreather.[1]



  • Lieutenant Sorov said to his unit "you might even get off this rancid planet", implying that their regiment was not from Sepus Prime.[1]