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Marshal Gnide was the chief military officer of Vervunhive and commander of the Vervun Primary at the start of the Siege of Vervunhive.[1]

When the Ferrozoicans attacked Vervunhive in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, the High Master of the hive, Salvador Sondar, delayed in activating the hive's void shields as he could not believe that an attack was taking place. Gnide was empowered by the Legislature of the Noble Houses to activate the hive's alarms and the shield against Salvador's wishes. However, Salvador interpreted Gnide's actions as an attempt to usurp control of Vervunhive and had one of his servitors kill Gnide before he could activate the shield.[1]

Without the defences, the opening salvoes of Zoican artillery devastated large areas of the hive and killed hundreds of civilians before Salvador realised that the attack was real and reluctantly turned the shields on. To make matters worse for Vervunhive, Gnide's sudden death resulted in the defenders' requests for orders not getting through, resulting in further confusion and casualties.[1]