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Godblight (Disease)

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The Godblight is a powerful Nurgle disease, that the Great Unclean One Ku'Gath started to create during the Plague Wars.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Dark Imperium: Plague War (Novel)

Working at the behest of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion, Ku'Gath began creating the disease, using Nurgle's Cauldron, after he invaded Iax. When it was completed, Ku'Gath promised Mortarion that the Godblight would be strong enough to outright kill his brother Roboute Guilliman. The two schemed to use the disease to kill Guilliman on Iax itself, in order to ultimately fulfill the final step needed to pull Ultramar into the Garden of Nurgle. If they succeeded, Mortarion claimed he would earn the Chaos God's eternal favor and Ku'Gath would finally feel redeemed, for destroying Nurgle's greatest plague.[1]

The Godblight was finally completed when Ku'gath was able to administer a portion of Guilliman's own blood gathered from an earlier battle on Parmenio. The disease was so strong that Ku'gath boasted it could not only kill a Primarch, but erase their very essence from the Warp as well. Highly contagious, upon exposure to air it would annihilate all in its path, Mortarion included.[2a] On Iax Mortarion was able to administer the Godblight and seemingly kill Guilliman, but the power of the Emperor unexpectedly manifested and restored the Primarch.[2b]