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Goghur's Chosen

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Goghur's Chosen
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: World Eaters[1]
Leader: Goghur[1]
Colours: Unknown
Specialty: Berzerkers[1]
Chaos Dedication: Khorne[1]
Strength: Unknown

Goghur's Chosen are a World Eaters Berzerker Warband, that is led by the Chaos Lord Goghur.[1]


They have been enthralled by their Primarch's power, from the day Angron took command of the World Eaters, during the Great Crusade. This led Goghur Chosen to become implanted with the Butcher's Nails as soon as possible and to become fanatical devotees of Khorne, when Angron ascended to Daemonhood during the Horus Heresy's Shadow Crusade. Though the Warband have always sought to emulate their Primarch's fury, they have never been capable of being as utterly murderous and destructive as Angron has. However this has given the Chosen an unending goal and purpose to strive for. They now seek to butcher more and more enemies with every battle and campaign, knowing that there is always something they can do in the next conflict to gather more skulls. Goghur's Chosen also know that by staying alive - and not taking their axes to each other - the Warband can achieve a far greater tally of slaughter, which would be more pleasing to Khorne. They have shattered Ork Waaaghs!, broken Tyranid Splinter Fleets, drowned Imperial worlds in blood and even been the doom of more than one Indomitus Crusade task force. These victories have seen the Chosen's ranks of Berzerkers grow and grow. To join the Warband, however, a warrior must prove themselves worthy to its leader, Goghur, by competing in a series of brutal gladiatorial contests.[1]

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