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Gol Kolea

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Major Gol Kolea

Major Gol Kolea is a member of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment. A survivor of the Siege of Vervunhive, Kolea's career in the service of the Imperium has taken him from civilian volunteer to Guardsman, NCO and beyond.


This page contains spoilers for: Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)

A big, muscular man, it has been said of Gol Kolea that courage and determination ooze out of him like sweat[Needs Citation]; even Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt has admitted that he would not like to get on the wrong side of the fierce ex-miner[Needs Citation], a man who attacked the Chaos Lord Heritor Asphodel with nothing but an axe-rake and lived to tell the tale.[1a]

Gol Kolea was an ore-worker in the Deep Mining shafts of Vervunhive up until the Zoican invasion.[1b] Trapped underground, Kolea discovered he was a natural leader when he managed to get the surviving miners up to the surface, where they fell in with a Vervun Primary Defence Unit under Captain Olin Fencer.[1c] When this unit was overrun and destroyed, the survivors looked to Kolea for leadership.[1d] This "Scratch Company" would go on to play a very important role in ending the invasion, when it was selected to guide an elite Imperial Guard commando team infiltrating Asphodel's command vehicle.[1e][1a]

Kolea has two children, Dalin and Yoncy, both of whom survived the Siege. However, he has no direct contact with them as their father, even though they accompany the Tanith regiment, Dalin in fact being a recently activated Guardsman.[Needs Citation] The children were just toddlers when Vervunhive was destroyed, and were considered orphans by the authorities – their mother, Livy, was killed during the war[1a], and Gol was written off as dead; unknown to the Hive authorities, Kolea (believing his family was deceased) had enlisted in the Tanith Ghosts as a Sergeant[1f]. It was not until the Hagia campaign that Kolea learned that his children were still alive[2a]; he was not sure what to do at first, and eventually decided to leave them to be raised by their adoptive mother, Tona Criid without disrupting their world further by making his presence known.[2b]

Kolea had a hard time finding his heart again after the experiences he had during the Zoican Invasion, despite the best efforts of his scratch-company colleagues and Colonel Corbec. Kolea remained withdrawn and uncommunicative for almost a year, performing his duties perfectly, but hardly showing any emotion.[Needs Citation] Colonel Corbec eventually decided to twin Kolea's platoon with Sergeant Varl's.[Needs Citation] Shortly, as Corbec had hoped, the garrulous and witty Sgt. Varl finally managed to get Kolea to laugh, and the two quickly became fast friends.[Needs Citation]

Kolea also formed a connection to Surgeon Ana Curth around this time, and found that he could speak to her with honesty due to her understanding nature and Hippocratic oath.[Needs Citation]

Curth tried to convince Kolea to reveal himself to his family, but before he could act further on the matter, Sgt. Kolea received a serious head-wound during the Phantine Campaign that effectively destroyed his personality; he suffered severe brain-damage and was reduced to the mental age of a pre-teen.[3]

Kept on the strength of the regiment, Kolea served as a standard Guardsman until the Herodor campaign, where he was apparently completely healed by the Beati.[Needs Citation] Kolea then reconciled his situation with Tona Criid. Criid, who had been looking after the children for several years by this point, would continue to do so. The children would apparently not be told their real father was alive. It seems however, that Dalin may now in fact know that Kolea is his biological father, but the topic still appears largely taboo.[Needs Citation]

A powerful presence in the regiment, especially to the Verghast element, Gol was eventually promoted to Major around the time of the Gereon mission, and serves as the senior Verghastite representative in the officer's mess.[Needs Citation]


Major Gol Kolea, Tanith 1st