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Goliath Class Forge Tender

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Goliath Class Forge Tender[1]

The Goliath Class Forge Tender are Light Cruiser-sized vessels of the Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet. These ships perform maintenance repairs on capital ships, remote outposts, and Merchant Fleet vessels in deep space. In service for endless centuries, despite their size they only have the holding capacity of a standard transport.[1]

These ships are largely crewed by Servitors and only maintain a small skeleton crew of Techpriests which man the Tenders' machine shops and maintenance facilities. Today, Goliaths are relatively rare but their services are in great demand.[1]

It is speculated by Imperial intelligence reports that some of these vessels, crewed by the Dark Mechanicus, survive to this day within the Eye of Terror and help maintain the fleets of Chaos.[1]

Notable Ships

  • Pontifex Ironika[1]


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