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Apothecary Gordian served with Captain Davian Thule, as the Blood Ravens fought in the Dark Crusade on the planet Kronus. After the Blood Ravens defeated the Tau in the city of Or'es Tash'n, Gordian spent days collecting the Xenos blood samples after they withdrew from Kronus.[1] Later Gordian would serve on aboard the Blood Ravens' Strike Cruiser the Armageddon during the First Aurelian Crusade.[2]

Gordian was responsible for putting Captain Davian Thule in stasis, after Thule was attacked and poisoned by a Tyranid Warrior on Calderis. When the Blood Ravens acquired the toxin to counteract the poison, with the help of Techmarine Martellus, Gordian revived Thule inside a Dreadnought chassis, allowing the legendary Captain to fight again. Gordian would later be killed aboard the Armageddon, when it was destroyed by Tyranids during the Blood Ravens' final strike against the Xenos above the planet Typhon Primaris.[2]