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Gordian League

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The Gordian League was a Human civilization that alongside its Xenos allies battled the Imperium in the later days of the Great Crusade. The League was a confederation that ruled from "Shield Worlds".[1a]

The campaign itself was orchestrated by Warmaster Horus, who hoped to bog down the Dark Angels and their loyal Primarch Lion El'Jonson while he began his campaign against the Emperor. The Dark Angels were still in the midst of the operation when news of the Virus Bombing of Isstvan III and treachery of the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard, and Emperor's Children reached Lion El'Jonson. With still eight months of battle ahead, The Lion instead chose to dispatch a smaller hand-picked force to the Forge World of Diamat to secure its resources and create a staging ground for the fight against the traitors.[1a]