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This is a page listing the authors that have written material set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


Designers and Publishers

Marc Gascoigne

Publisher of Black Library (left the company in 2008)


Dan Abnett

Main article: Dan Abnett

Edoardo Albert

Jim Alexander

Nicolas Alexander

David Annandale

Main article: David Annandale

Bryan Ansell

Main article: Bryan Ansell

Darren-Jon Ashmore


Tony Ballantyne

Barrington J. Bayley

Mark Brendan


Braden Campbell

Sarah Cawkwell

Main article: Sarah Cawkwell

Andy Chambers

Main article: Andy Chambers

David Charters

Mark Clapham

Andy Clark

Podcast appearances

Marc Collins

Storm Constantine

Ben Counter

Main article: Ben Counter

Darren Cox

Brian Craig

Nate Crowley

Main article: Nate Crowley

Jonathan Curran


Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Main article: Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Chris Dows

Christian Dunn

Main article: Christian Dunn

Simon Dyton


Robert Earl


Matthew Farrer

Main article: Matthew Farrer

Peter Fehervari

Steven B. Fischer

Denny Flowers

Richard Ford

Chris Forrester

James Forster

Toby Frost

John French

Main article: John French


Debbie Gallagher

James Gilmer

John Goodrich

C.S. Goto

L.J. Goulding

Main article: L.J. Goulding

Jonathan Green

Main article: Jonathan Green

David Guymer

Main article: David Guymer


Guy Haley

Main article: Guy Haley

Alex Hammond

Gareth Hanrahan

Rachel Harrison

Ray Harrison

Victoria Hayward

Justin D. Hill

Main article: Justin D. Hill

Darius Hinks

Main article: Darius Hinks

Andy Hoare

Main article: Andy Hoare


Robey Jenkins

Simon Jowett


Paul Kearney

Matt Keefe

William King

Main article: William King

Gary Kloster

Nick Kyme

Main article: Nick Kyme


Mark Latham

Mike Lee

Lee Lightner

Main article: Lee Lightner

Graeme Lyon

Steve Lyons


Robbie MacNiven

Main article: Robbie MacNiven

George Mann

Rich McCormick

Will McDermott

Main article: Will McDermott

Neil McIntosh

Juliet E. McKenna

Peter McLean

Graham McNeill

Main article: Graham McNeill

Alan Merrett

Main article: Alan Merrett

Pat Mills

Andras Millward

Sandy Mitchell

Main article: Sandy Mitchell


Dylan Owen


Steve Parker

Main article: Steve Parker

Joe Parrino

Thomas Parrott

Chris Pramas


Matt Ralphs

Robert Rath

Main article: Robert Rath

Jude Reid

Gordon Rennie

Anthony Reynolds

Main article: Anthony Reynolds

Josh Reynolds

Main article: Josh Reynolds

Chris Roberson

Edward Rusk

Neil Rutledge


Rob Sanders

Main article: Rob Sanders

Mitchel Scanlon

Main article: Mitchel Scanlon

Cavan Scott

Andy Smillie

Main article: Andy Smillie

Matt Smith

Lucien Soulban

Simon Spurrier

Ian St. Martin

J C Stearns

Charles Stross

Tully R. Summers

James Swallow

Main article: James Swallow


Adrian Tchaikovsky

Gav Thorpe

Main article: Gav Thorpe


Nik Vincent

Main article: Nik Vincent


Tim Waggoner

Danie Ware

Main article: Danie Ware

Ian Watson

Main article: Ian Watson

C.L. Werner

Main article: C.L. Werner

Richard Williams

Main article: Richard Williams

Justin Woolley

Chris Wraight

Main article: Chris Wraight


Rob Young


Henry Zou

Main article: Henry Zou

Game Designers

These authors are also game designers: