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Angron holding Gorefather and its twin, Gorechild

Gorefather and its twin, Gorechild, were two huge chainaxes used during the Great Crusade by Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion. It was made from the teeth of Mica-dragons of the Luther Macintyre IX planet.[1]

Gorefather was later destroyed during the Battle of Armatura, when Angron became entombed by a fallen building and was forced to use Gorefather and Gorechild to climb out, damaging their teeth-tracks[2a]. Angron would cast them aside because of this, but Khârn would recover Gorechild, despite the World Eaters' views on "inherited weapons", and had it repaired as his personal weapon[2b]. Gorefather was not recovered and Gorechild has served as Khârn's weapon ever since.[1]

Sometime after the Horus Heresy however, Gorefather was somehow recovered and repaired to its former glory. The relic chainaxe now has such immense importance to the World Eaters, that numerous wars have been fought between rival Warbands, seeking to claim it for themselves.[3]

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