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Goremann the Elder

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Goremann the Elder is a celebrated veteran of the Crimson Fists Chapter that served honourably in the Deathwatch on fifteen occasions prior to his installation into Dreadnought armour. Goremann’s craft and cunning as an Ork fighter were legendary and it is said that at the Battle of Urkano Rift even the Orks chanted Goremann's name to honour him after he slew their Warboss in single combat. During Goremann's last Vigil five centuries ago, he suffered mortal wounds and at his request the Deathwatch petitioned the Crimson Fists for his remains to be kept at Watch Fortress Erioch. With their permission granted, Goremann has become one of the few Deathwatch Dreadnoughts.[1]

Goremann's favoured Dreadnought armour is the war machine called Furiousa Rex with its twin power fists and underslung flamers. In battle, Goremann's devastating charge can level a horde of lesser foes, crushing them beneath a terrifying avalanche of adamantium fists and steel limbs. Thankfully, such heavyweight support is seldom required in the field and Goremann's experience more often serves the Deathwatch in tactical analyses and threat assessments. This vexes him greatly and he will seize on any opportunity to see action again.[1]