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Gorgon's Shroud

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The Gorgon's Shroud is a region within the Eye of Terror, where the light of the stars outside the Warp Storm are stronger than the hell-light that bleeds from its heart. The region is also covered in blue-green fog and contains slow tides of the Warp, which are thick and laced with the withering touch of entropy.[1]


This causes anything that enters the region to begin to decay, be it flesh or metal, as giant Daemonic faces and hands materialize from the fog before quickly dissipating. Despite this, the Gorgon's Shroud is not empty and contains worlds and numerous wrecks of spaceships, that are slowly broken apart by its currents. They are also filled with plunder for those who would risk the journey there, though this would likely require hiring the Warp Ghosts to reach the region. No one knows how it is possible, but the mysterious Warband is able to navigate the Eye of Terror and they offer their services as guides to reach and explore its regions. Traveling to the Gorgon's Shroud, however, requires a hefty payment to be paid, as upon exiting the region the Warband will claim a large percentage of any plunder that was found within it. Those who agree with this deal, will have a Warp Ghost placed on the bridge of their ship or flagship, who will then give out directions to safely travel to and through the region. All while one of the Warband's warships is traveling close by at all times. Even with their aid, however, exploring the Gorgon's Shroud comes at a heavy cost, as the Warp Ghosts can not keep the tides of entropy at bay. It is possible this can result in not every person or ship surviving the journey, as their bodies can grow weak with decay, engines could stop working or ships can become so decayed, that they are no longer safe to travel in. Even those ships that do survive, could be left heavily rusted or have their hulls infested by Daemons of Nurgle. However those who escape from the Gorgon's Shroud, could do so with enough plunder to make any price they have to pay to do so, well worth it.[1]



  • The Gorgon's Shroud region may be related to Gorgon, the ill-famed red star of destruction in the Eye of Terror.[2]