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Gorgone Locke

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Gorgone Locke was a shipmaster in service to House Glaw. A red-haired giant of a man, he was deeply involved in House Glaw's attempts to acquire the Necroteuch, and specialized in torturing information out of its victims and enemies.[Needs Citation]

When Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and his retinue were captured by House Glaw, Locke tortured Eisenhorn for several hours with a neural probe device that caused permanent damage to Eisenhorn's nervous system. Although neural grafts restored most of Eisenhorn's motor functions, he remained unable to smile, or much alter his facial expression for the rest of his life. Eisenhorn wryly said that this was not a great loss, since he had never smiled much even before Locke tortured him.[Needs Citation]

Locke and House Glaw were cornered on Izar, where Locke was caught in the collapse of the Saruthi temple devoted to Chaos. Locke was pinned by a collapsing stone column, which crushed his lower torso and caused him to quickly bleed to death. Before he died, Eisenhorn pronounced him condemned, and carved the mark of heresy into his brow.[Needs Citation]