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Gothic Battleship

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Gothic Battleship[2]

The Gothic Battleship is the mainstay of the Imperial Fleet and Gothic squadrons form for core of most Imperial battlefleets. Gothic battleships bring both the protection and authority of the Imperium to the star systems they visit.[1]

They operate in squadrons or singly, for the presence of even one of those cast warships is enough to bring a rebellious planetary governor into line or disperse pirates to other more lucrative and less well-defended systems. Some Gothic squadrons are more or less permanently stationed in one star system. In Segmentum Obscurus, for example, they form part of the fleet stationed around the Eye of Terror, defending the Imperium from attack by Chaos fleet sand raiding Chaos Renegades.[1]

Other squadrons move from star system to star system, staying for a a few months or years to complete their mission, refuel, and resupply before making the jump to their next destination. During the squadron's assignment to a system, a large flotilla of sub-stellar craft constantly surround the battleships, moving to and from the system's planets and moons. They supply the ships with food, fuel, ore, raw materials, personnel, and all the other necessary supplies, that these huge spaceships, each the size of a large city, require for their upkeep. In battle, the long range of a Gothic battleship's vortex torpedos make it a dangerous opponent, often able to launch one or more attacks before an enemy ship can get within range to return fire.[1]

When it does close with the enemy, the Gothic battleships powerful laser batteries are fully capable of destroying an opponent with just a few broadsides while its own strong shield defences protect it from enemy attacks.[1]


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