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Grace of the Throne

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General Grizmund in his command turret.

The Grace of the Throne was a Mars Alpha pattern[2] Leman Russ Battle Tank of the 1st Narmenian Armoured regiment, and the flag-armour of its commander, General Coron Grizmund.[1][2]

It was notably used during "Operation Dercius," a masterful counterattack commanded by Grizmund in person during the Siege of Vervunhive. At that point in time, the tank's driver was Wolsh.[1]


Like all Narmenian tanks, Grace of the Throne was painted mustard yellow, and emblazoned with the Imperial Aquila and the spiked fist of Narmenia. It had a longer chassis than the standard Leman Russ model, and a 110-centimetre Battle Cannon.[1] In addition, the vehicle sported a hull-mounted heavy bolter.[2]