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Grael Noctua

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Grael Noctua was a member of the Luna Wolves (later known as the Sons of Horus) during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

Originally a Sergeant in the Legion's 25th Company (nicknamed "The Warlocked"), after the Drop Site Massacre Noctua was recommended by Horus Aximand to fill the missing positions of the Mournival after the Battle of Dwell where he had performed well. Later in the Battle of Molech, Noctua battled both on the surface and then against the Knights-Errant on the Vengeful Spirit. During the fight on the Vengeful Spirit, Noctua was stabbed by Severian. Afterwards the Daemon Tormageddon possessed the body of Noctua as his older vessel had been destroyed in the same battle.[1]