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Graft was a former Imperial Army Servitor, who attached itself to the Perpetual Ollanius Persson, during the Great Crusade. It would follow Persson to Calth, after he was allowed to retire from the Imperial Army, though, Graft still referred to him as Trooper Persson.[1]


Ollanius Persson and Graft were still present on Calth, when the Word Bearers attacked the world, during the Horus Heresy. As the invasion raged, Graft and a small group of Imperials escaped with Persson, into a temporary Warp Rift he created. This then began a journey through time and space, as Persson tried to reach Terra before the traitorous Warmaster Horus could kill the Emperor.[2a]

Graft managed to reach Terra alongside the rest of Oll's group, still dutifully loyal to his master. However his behavior started to become increasingly erratic, which Ollanius worried was due to the many horrific experiences of their journey.[2b] Graft accompanied the group into the Imperial Dungeon, eventually reaching the Golden Throne alongside the other "Argonauts", but discovering that the Emperor had gone to fight Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit.[3]

As the group traveled, Graft's simple optimism and loyalty was key in bringing Ollanius back from despair and continue on their quest.[4a] However the group were confronted by Erebus on the walls of the Imperial Palace. During the subsequent fight most of the group were slain. Graft ran to Ollanius' defense but was killed when Erebus issued a command in Enuncia which blew the servitor apart.[4b]