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Graham McNeill

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Graham McNeill

Graham McNeill worked for Games Workshop between 2000 and 2006 as a games developer and a background material writer. As well as writing for White Dwarf, he worked on several codexes including the Tau, Necrons, Witch Hunters, Space Marines and Black Templars. After leaving Games Workshop in 2006 he became a freelance writer, but currently continues to produce novels for Black Library.[1]


Rule Books

Background Books

Novels and Short Stories

Ultramarines (Novel Series)

Iron Warriors (Novel Series)

Horus Heresy Series

Forge of Mars (Novel Series)

  1. Priests of Mars (Novel)
  2. Lords of Mars (Novel)
  3. Gods of Mars (Novel)

Other Novels

Other Short Stories

White Dwarf

Comics and Graphic Novels


External Links

  • The 4th Company, the official website for Graham McNeill (site accessed 2010.01.09)