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Grail Guard

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Grail Guard
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[1]
Colours: Metalic red[2]
Specialty: Aiding the Blood Angels' High Priest Corbulo[2]

The Grail Guard are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.[1]


They were created to aid and protect the Blood Angels' Sanguinary High Priest Corbulo, as he searches for a cure for the Red Thirst and Black Rage.[2]

The Grail Guard consist mostly of Primaris Space Marines, though its First Company has Terminators amongst its members. Their 5th Company is known as the Taxiarchs.[2]


The Grail Guard mostly follow the their Progenitor Chapter's system when it comes to showing Company and squad, and battlefield role. With the difference being that their Sergeants have bright silver pauldrons on their left shoulders, the Lieutenants pauldrons are both silver, and veterans are marked out with silver helmets. The Grail Guard's Captains meanwhile, wear gold power helmets.[2]

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