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Grail of Ages

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The Grail of Ages is an Imperial relic.[1]

This goblet of black stone is said to have been created when Matriarch Alicia Dominica communed with the Emperor during the Age of Apostasy. Little is known about the grail and the power it holds, but it has been observed unleashing holy energy upon the battlefield against the enemies of the Imperium as well as performing other miracles. It is said that when Dominica poured out the vessel's contents, the Emperor's voice boomed and with a single word shattered whole armies. The grail was also said to shatter the minds of every Psyker on a planet when Dominica carried the grail to war. It is believed that there are tales of the Grail within the Black Library and possibly even in the Book of Magnus. The Sisters of the Order of the Ebon Chalice themselves do not speak of the Grail and its powers and see themselves as the guardian of its secrets. As such, they purge any texts concerned the Grail and immolate its authors as heretics.[1]