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Grand Order of Hermetic Blades

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Grand Order of Hermetic Blades
HermeticBlades.jpg HermeticBladesMini.jpg
Origin: Thousand Sons exiles
Colours: Turquoise and gold[2]
Specialty: Psychic powers
Chaos Dedication: Tzeentch
Battle Cry: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

The Grand Order of Hermetic Blades are a Tzeentch Warband that was originally formed by members of the Thousand Sons Legion that were exiled by their Primarch, Magnus, for aiding in the disastrous Rubric of Ahriman. They believes it is their role to guide mortal souls into the afterlife, in the manner of the ancient psychopomp spirits they once worshiped on Prospero. However the Warband do so, using the most harrowing methods they can devise.[1]

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