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Grandsire Wurm

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Grandsire Wurm is the Patriarch of the Pauper Princes Genestealer Cult, infecting the Imperium world Vigilus.[1]

The Patriarch was originally one of a group of Purestrain Genestealers sent to Vigilus by the Pauper Princes Cult that infected the world Chancer’s Vale, but only it survived the journey. Soon afterwards, the Grandsire Wurm made its home under the surface of the continent Megaborealis and began spreading its infection among Vigilus' population.[1]

Grandsire Wurm was later killed by a trio of Callidus Assassins who had disguised themselves as latter-generation Genestealer Hybrids. None of the assassins survived the action behind enemy lines. Despite their sacrifice, there was more than one Patriarch upon Vigilus and another incarnation of Grandsire Wurm rose soon afterwards.[2]