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Grarken Furith

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Grarken Furith was a Chaos Lord, who was once a Space Marine Captain before he fell to Heresy.[1]

During the Psychic Awakening, Furith was asked to aid Fabius Bile in his raid into the Scourge Stars to claim the Ark Cornucontagious. The Chaos Lord agreed on the condition that he was given a fleet of ships to command in payment and after Bile provided them to him, they began their raid. The Ark was successfully stolen and brought aboard Bile's command ship, the Wretch, and the fleet then began to flee towards safety. However, the Ark belonged to the Death Guard and they pursued the fleet relentlessly. Many of Furith's ships were destroyed, before the fleet finally neared a Mandeville Point. As they made preparations to enter the Warp, however, the fleet was attacked by the Death Guard warships of Typhus. As his fleet began to be destroyed, Furith was notified aboard his flagship, Eagleflenser, that the Wretch was making its escape. Enraged, the Chaos Lord ordered his fleet to ignore the Death Guard and instead focus on destroying Bile's ship. However, Bile had prepared in advance for such a moment and gave the command to sabotage the engines of Furith's fleet, leaving them stranded. The Chaos Lord and his fleet were then destroyed by the Death Guard, as Bile entered the Warp.[1]