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Gratzdakka Wur Mekdakka

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"Orks are orks are orks, and we're the best in the galaxy! But us, we're the best yet, better than the best of the best. We're Blood Axes, Gorkier than Gork, and Morkier than everyone. We are strong, and we are smart! We're going to tear you all apart, snick snick! Better than a Goff and sneakier than a Deathskull. We're strong and deadly, but we are cunning, too..."
- Translated message from Arch-Skarlord 'General' Gratzdakka Wur Mekdakka, prior to the Kalidar invasion.

Arch-Skarlord Gratzdakka Wur Mekdakka is an Ork Warboss of the Blood Axes Clan.[1a]

In the 300's.M41, he led the Orks of Waaagh! Gratzdakka in an invasion of the Imperium Industrial World Kalidar IV. He was able to inflict heavy casualties on the Astra Militarum forces sent to defend that world, including capturing Hive Meradon and looting the Shadowsword Super Heavy Tank Lux Imperator.[1b][1c] He was also allied with the powerful Weirdboy Greeneye, who was arguably the true threat of the Orks on Kalidar IV.[1d]

Gratzdakka was noted for being extremely cunning for an Ork, and for his habit of dressing himself in the manner of an Imperial Guard Commander.[1c]

In 397.M41, he was killed by Space Marines of the Black Templars Chapter, and his Waaagh! collapsed.[1e]

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