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A grav-chute is a pack-sized suspensor allowing troops to float safely to the ground from any height.[1]


It operates via suspensor fields that counter gravity and two small jets on either side of the shoulders that offer further braking of descent. It is used to drop troops onto a battlefield, either from low-flying aircraft or from the upper atmosphere. If needed, it can sustain hovering the user in place for up to a minute at a time. Essentially it is a smaller version of a jump pack, but unlike a jump pack it is only designed to control a fall rather than power a boost up into the air. The power supply lasts for about an hour before needing replacing.[1]

Grav-chutes are most notably used by Imperial Guard Storm Troopers and Drop Troop regiments, such as those from Elysia and Harakon.[2]

Known Patterns


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Primaris Space Marines such as Reivers also utilize Grav-Chutes.[5]