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A host of Eldar Grav-tanks, Jetbikes, and aircraft

Grav-tanks are Tanks which use anti-gravity drives and as such come under the title of grav-vehicles.


Grav-tanks are designed to be maneuverable but much more heavily armoured than grav-vehicles. The extra weight, however, would slow them down a lot, so many vehicles make use of advanced Force Fields with more moderate armour. Since anti-grav technology is very difficult to create and maintain, only a few races employ them regularly. The Eldar and Tau have mastered the technology and make heavy use of it in their systems. Anti-grav vehicles are used for many different tasks which any other type of Tank would be. These include Armoured Infantry Vehicles, Battle Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Artillery Tanks and Air Defence Tanks.

Types of grav-tank



Dark Eldar