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Grav Platform

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Grav Platforms are Eldar anti-gravitational platforms mounting heavy weapons or supported equipment crewed by a pair of Guardians.[1]


The advanced gravity-defying technology on the platforms allows the Eldar to rapidly and effortlessly move heavy weapons across the field of battle regardless of terrain. Each Guardian Defender squad is equipped with a single platform which can mount a Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, or Starcannon.[1a][2a] For defensive purposes, Grav-Platforms sometimes mount a Serpent's Scale.[3]

Much larger, more sophisticated Grav Platorms exist which mount more exotic artillery, including D-Cannons, Vibro Cannons and Shadow Weavers. Unlike their smaller cousins these platforms cannot move and fire at the same time, but in addition to being more powerful they also incorporate complex targeting arrays for pinpoint accuracy against even well-hidden troops. These platforms operate in groups of one to three known as a Support Weapon Battery.[1b][2b]



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