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Great Beasts of Caliban

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A knight of The Order battles a Calibanite Lion

The Great Beasts of Caliban were highly aggressive and dangerous fauna native to the Dark Angels homeworld of Caliban during the Age of Strife and potentially before.[1]

These monsters, which were of variable shape, size, and power, were eventually discovered to be tainted by the Warp, possibly by the Ouroboros.[1] According to Luther, the Great Beasts possessed a malicious intelligence and hated the human settlers of their world.[3]

The Great Beasts terrorized the population for centuries, until a knightly brotherhood known as The Order arose to combat them. Under the eventual leadership of Lion El'Jonson, the Great Beasts were finally purged from Caliban.[2]

Notable Great Beasts

  • Horn of Ruin: A massive multi-eyed creature with a large horn sprouting from above its uppermost left eye. It is one of the most ferocious known Great Beasts, and some 40 Knights of Caliban were slain killing the beast. A young Luther took part in the battle to slay the monster.[3a]
  • Cragshadow: Winged creature that slew Luther's parents in battle.[3b]
  • Calibanite Lion: the most fierce and deadly of all the great beasts of Caliban and the creature for which Lion El'Jonson was named after by Luther. Of all the heroes of their time, only Lion El'Jonson himself and Zahariel were known to have ever killed one. [2]