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Great Darkness

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The Great Darkness is the name given to the great upheaval the Hive World Necromunda suffered, due to the Great Rift's creation.[1]


To the Hive World's population, the giant Warp Storm's birth made the sky split in two, as lights began going out across the Galaxy. Necromunda's planetary core also started to cool, which caused rolling blackouts in the world's great Hive Cities. The settlement of Cinderak on Necromunda's surface began to burn and worse still, the Hive World's Imperial Commander, Gerontius Helmawr, was placed in a medical stasis after a failed assassination attempt. Once this became known, a desperate scramble for power broke out between the Hive World's Nobles, Clans, Guilds, rebels, mutants, cults, Nomads, outcasts, and every single heir to ever spring from Helmawr's dalliances.[1]