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Great Harlequin

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Great Harlequin[1a]

Great Harlequins are leaders of the Harlequin faction of Eldar.

Ardent followers of the Laughing God, they are the most powerful of the Harlequin warriors. During performances, Great Harlequins represent the Laughing God and bear a mask of his likeness. It is said that the Great Harlequins are the guardians of the Webway routes leading to the fabled Black Library.[1a]

Notable Great Harlequins



Harlequin Forces
Command High AvatarHigh WarlockGreat Harlequin
Specialists ShadowseerDeath JesterSolitaireWarlockMaster Mime
Troops TrouperTroupe MasterMime
Vehicles SkyweaverStarweaverEldar JetbikeVenom
Heavy Support Voidweaver